About Wendie Daniels

At heart, Wendie is an editor. She’s worked on all sorts of professional and business documents, from writing instructions on how to use a computer program through to being responsible for hundreds of pages of website content aimed at parents with children attending government schools. It wasn’t until she started writing romance stories – way back in 2015 – that is finally understood the nuances of writing a good story.

In a previous life, and under another name, Wendie won the 2017 Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Award and had two short stories published in 2019 and 2020.: Romance Writers of Australia’s 2019 Spicy Bites–Masks and 2020 Sweet Treats–Cupcakes anthologies.

Wendie enjoys cycling and often heads off on one of the nearby bike paths on her pedal-assist electric bike. She also loves travelling and taking landscape photographs, with the odd portrait, too. However, most of her time is spent writing romances that always end happily.